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Jerusalem – TLV,

Jerusalem Tel Aviv Investments (JTLV) was established in 2011 by Amir Biram in conjunction with several other Israelis executives. Since then, the trust has gained a significant foothold in the productive commercial real-estate sector in Israel. It has acquired and upgraded its existing assets, while initiating projects to construct new, attractive centers.

JTLV is owned by several partners, some of whom are leading figures in the Israeli economy. The trust works closely with strong institutional entities.

The professionals and experts at JTLV have years of experience in all aspects of commercial real estate. Its vision is to create a link between its assets and the community, with an emphasis on providing an unforgettable experience for visitors at its malls, commercial centers and other innovative projects.

JTLV has also designed and established a number of unique urban centers in various cities, including shopping centers, hotels and residential buildings.

In 2015, JTLV and REIT1 founded a joint management company that will be responsible for managing the commercial centers owned by the two parties. In addition, JTLV and REIT1 have several jointly owned assets. The shared company will be directed by Mr. Yossi Zvi and company chairman Amir Biram.